Peeled Tomato

Ripe tomatoes are picked and canned at the peak of freshness within five hours of harvest

Pitted Dates

Pitted dates are packed with natural sweetness. It is a source of energy, rich in various nutrient, fiber, and antioxidants. Dates can be consumed raw and commonly used for breakfast and dessert menus.

Splitted Artichoke in Oil

Artichoke is tasty with selection of deli treats. It’s good for detoxifying liver and improving bile flow. Artichoke is rich in fiber and nutrients.


Sultanas are made from green seadless grapes. It helps to improves your digestive health and lower your blood pressure. Sultanas can be added to savoury soup stuffing for game or foul. It’s also worked well with sweet buns.

Sundried Tomato in Oil

Perfect to give a bit of summer taste for your dish. Sun dried tomato has many essential vitamins and anti oxidants and masterfully blended to perfection .