PT Alamboga Internusa (“Alamboga Internusa”) is a Bali based food distributor which seeks to serve the Indonesian and expat market with the best food products possible. The company was established in Bali in 1990, becoming one of the first companies to import food from Australia and New Zealand directly into Bali.

Alamboga Internusa started out as a small family business as the hotel-restaurant industry was also small. The company has grown from a team of 8 and operated 2 refrigerated trucks, to a team of more than 120 personnel after 28 years. We are group of like-minded people, this allowed Alamboga to grow in a well-managed way into the tightly run organization.

Alamboga aims to become a professional food supplier and distributor which offer best quality for Indonesian tourism market. Alamboga now has worked with more than 15 countries to provide good products for our customers. We want to build good and sustainable cooperation, with suppliers and supporting them to serve our customers better. These suppliers are come from countries with respected food brands, such as: Australia, United States of America, Canada, Italy, France, Turkey, Brazil, etc.

In response to great many customer requests, Alamboga continously innovate and broaden the categories of our products. Currently, Alamboga Internusa have 8 main products categories include : meats, dairy products, frozen foods, groceries, poultry, seafood, herbs & spices, and vinegars & oils. All purchase orders invoicing and deliveries shipments for customers inside and outside Bali are centralized and managed directly by our office in Bali.

In 1999, we established a retail outlet, DIJON Food Specialties and were the first to offer quality imported foods in small quantities to Bali residents. In 2001, as an adjunct to the shop, we added the DIJON CAFE which has been renovated and enlarged. Over the last few years we have added many new items and menus, making a variety of our own products and maintaining a unique spot in the hearts of Bali expats.

To serve qualified food products across region, we are now actively seeking for opportunities in other provinces outside Bali. We strive to improve our products and services to our customers. We value our customers, we are working to create a better customer’s experience to maximize the benefit from our partnership.