Colored Cheddar Cheese Block

Introducing the melted Coloured Cheddar Cheese Block, a processed cheddar cheese with distinctive and intense taste ensure unforgettable dining sensations. Cheddar cheese is an ideal proposition for every occasion: quick snack, addition to burgers, toast or as a component of many baked dishes.

Coloured Cheddar Cheese Burger Sliced 84’s 1Kg

Also known as red cheddar cheese, this cheese is already sliced and ready to be used for burger. Comes in 1 pack which weighs 1 Kg.

Storage: chilled (0°C – 4°C).

Cream Cheese

Smooth and creamy, neutral flavour with subtle sweetness and tanginess. Cream cheese is perfect for spreading and baking delightful recipes.

Storage: chilled (0°C – 4°C).

Danish White Cheese (Feta)

Feta cheese has a distinct savoury flavour with crumbly texture. Feta cheese can also give delightful creamy texture for diping, sauces, and tapas. Feta cheese goes with many ingredients as it offers a fresh tang taste that balances out flavours. It’s commonly used in Mediterranean dishes.

Storage: chilled (max. 5°C), do not freeze.

Edam Cheese

A low-fat cheese compared to other traditional cheese. Commonly eaten on bread, crackers, or to accompany wines.

Gouda Cheese

Firm cow’s milk cheese with a mild, slightly salty flavour and an elastic structure. It’s often eaten fresh, granted as a garnish, or melted into cooked food.

Italian Grana Padano Cheese (12 months)

Specially made in the heart of Mantua Province in Lombardy, Italy, Virgilio’s Grana Padano is DOP Certified. This fragrant cheese is aged for 12 months, making it stand out for its rich and intense aroma, savoury flavour, along with its crumbly texture that melts perfectly on the tongue.

Storage: Chilled (0°C – 5°C).

Lactic Unsalted Butter

Also known as cultured butter, lactic butter has gone through a fermentation process using lactic acid with a continuous churning. This process gives lactic unsalted butter a full and creamy taste with a fresh lactic flavour. It also has a lower water content and higher smoking point compared to other butter. Making it perfect for baking and cooking.

Storage: Chilled (0°C – 4°C).