Bone-In Lamb Foreshank

Also known as “Lamb Shank”, this is a tough cut from the front legs of a lamb. This cut is perfect for slow-cooking recipes as it will become tender and juicy as time passes in the kitchen.

Minimum order is one carton. Per carton weighs a total of 13.66 Kg with each piece weighing around 400-500 Gr (random size).

Storage: Keep frozen (-20°C).

Bone-In Lamb Rack CFO

Lamb French Rack with the cap trimmed off resulting in lesser fat and cleaner look. This cut is usually made into roasts or cutlets due to its tenderness, flavour and presentable appearance.

Storage: Keep frozen (-20°C).

Bone-In Lamb Leg Chump Off

A cut from the hindquarter of the lamb without the chump part. This cut is great for slow-roasting.

Storage: Keep frozen (-20°C).