Pouch Sour Cream

Known for it’s silky texture, this cultured soft, creamy and tangy cream can be used straight from the pack. Good pairing on nachos, baked potatoes, enchiladas, or pizza or to create cheesecakes, tarts, and cakes.

Storage: chilled (0°C – 4°C).

Whipping Cooking Cream CULINARY

This whipping cream is specially made for pastry. It has 36% milkfat with overrun up to 150%, thus perfect for bakery, pasty and cafe applications.

Storage: chilled (0°C – 4°C).

Whipping Cream 38% Culinary

This whipping cream is suitable for cooking, pastry making and baking. It has a 38% fat and high overrun of between 100%-120%.

Storage: chilled (0°C – 4°C).