Colored Cheddar Cheese Block

Introducing the melted Mlekovita Coloured Cheddar Cheese Block, a processed cheddar cheese with distinctive and intense taste ensure unforgettable dining sensations. Cheddar cheese is an ideal proposition for every occasion: quick snack, addition to burgers, toast or as a component of many baked dishes.

Coloured Cheddar Burger Cheese Slice

With appealing color, cheddar cheese is perfect for every occasion, from appetizers, breads, and even midnight snack.

Cream Cheese

Cream cheese’s creamy character makes it popular for use in cooking: it’s used both in savoury dishes and sweet cheesecakes and icings.

Desiccated Coconut

Desiccated coconut is generally used for curries and other Asian dishes. It’s also add more flavor to baked cookies, cooked cereal, and granola. It’s very nutrious and include dietary fiber.

Dijon Mustard

The secret ingredients to make every dishes softer and creamier. Dijon mustard is an excellent source of selenium and a very good source of omega-3 fatty acids and manganese.